Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Annual Subscription Model for Newspapers

Subscription is an inexpensive way to access magazines. Most regular readers prefer this option, instead of buying it from the news-stands or other regular newspaper vendor.

I always wondered why newspapers don't offer something similar - until Mint offered such a facility at my residence, over the weekend. Annual subscription to Mint for Rs295.

When it comes to magazines, we are prepared to accept a delay of a few days, that is inherent to delivery by the courier. But we want newspapers the same day; we love to read it along with the morning cofffee. Therefore, Mint has included the newspaper vendor as part of the delivery mechanism.

Same delivery mechanism, but at lower cost, means better value for the reader. On the other hand, Mint has an assurance that the reader will not switch, at a time when more "pink" newspapers are set to hit the market.

Smart tactics. Is the Times Group listening?

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