Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Timing of Price-Sensitive Corporate Announcements

This is the season for quarterly financial results. Most companies are announcing their results during the stock exchange trading hours viz. 9 am to 3.30 pm. The electronic media broadcasts the information immediately; pricing of the stock in the share market is influenced soon after - often based on half-baked information and knee-jerk reactions. Where is the time for a balanced analysis? This is the age of 2-minute noodles and 2-second stock analysis! By the time the information hits the traditional print media the share market has already decided what is good, bad and ugly.

Should companies announce price-sensitive information after the stock exchange trading hours? This would give enough time for balanced analyis, before the stock exchange commences trading the next day. Also, it ensures that stock prices are influenced, not only by the electronic media (with its inclination to sensationalism), but also by the print media.

Reliance Industries was among the few large companies this earnings season, to announce their results after trading hours, yesterday.

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  1. I agree - Its also unfair for those who have not accessed the electronic media !!!!